Shopping in Paris- Louis Vuitton

This is a HUGE topic to cover, as Paris is known as one of the most fashionable cities in the world. And I do not have unlimited finances, soooo….


Shopping in Paris is definitely one of my favorite adventures. When I was 12, I bought my first Gucci at the Galleries Lafayette. I’d saved some money and my Mom gave a bit more. My first purchase was a Gucci clutch, a gift for my Mom for sending me on the trip.

But I digress.

Today, we are talking about the flagship LV store located on the Champs d’Elysees.

It. Is. Magnificient. ( Excuse me while I pause and reminisce)

Ok. I’m back. Buying at the LV store is an event, as well it should be. And they know how to treat a girl special. I confess, I love being pampered, and this experience did not disappoint.

About my day:

I arrived shourtly after the store opened so as to avid the queue that becomes longer as the day goes, and I hate waiting in line. Once I entered, I was paired with an escort who guided me through the store and delievered me to my SA ( Sales Associate), Jean Claude. This store is 4 floors or GORGEOUS. They normally don’t allow photos inside 9 to protect the privacy of their clientele and for security purposes, but I managed to snap a few…


Key Points:

It helps to know what products you’re interested in, but it’s totally ok to go in to browse- it’s so worth it, even if you don’t buy anything. But I had my heart set on the Speedy, the classic bucket tote. Jean Claude showed me all the sizes  and leather patterns available as I gleefully chatted with this lovely Japanese lady while we sipped champagne.

Oh, yeah. There was champagne. And it was super delish.

so picture it…

Paris. The Champs d’Elysees. In the LV flagship store. Sipping fine champagne. Meeting new people and shopping.

This is the stuff bougie dreams are made of…

A bientot! ( Until next time!)

Travel well. Shop better.


Safe Travels

With recent events in Toronto,  and similar events in London, Nice, Berlin, and NYC, it’s hard to feel safe anywhere. These events seen so random, that it is nearly impossible to know where to have a “safe” vacation anymore.


So let’s talk about a travel safety plan.

Do you need one? Yes, yes you do.

Do you have one?

What should it encompass?

Here’s what you need..

If travelling internationally, leave a color copy of your passport with a trusted friend or family member.

Let a trusted friend or family member know your itinerary including, the name of your hotel, phone number and address of your hotel and dates of your stay.

Stow a color copy of your passport in your luggage.

Carry your passport ( or passport card) with you at all time- not only to identify you, but also, your nationality.

Know where your Embassy is located. ( for Americans travelling internationally)

Register your trip with your Embassy. Smart Traveller Enrollment Program (STEP)

or you can set up an account at


If you have an emergency abroad, you can call 202.501.4444. You can also use this number to report a lost/stolen passport.

Make photo copies of your credit cards ( front and back) in case they are stolen (and your phone) you can call the companies to cancel them.

Know where a local hospital(s) are:

Travel insurance (see my previous post on this subject here)

While travelling, decide on a meet up spot if you and your travelling pasrty are separated in an emergency situation.


Safe travels!

Dr Peaches

Mall-Hopping in Singapore

Another place to add to my Asia travel wishlist!


Years ago, when Indonesia didn’t have a lot of shopping malls like it does now, a lot of people would fly to Singapore for shopping sprees. Wealthy people would go there at least once a month and splurge on luxury brands like Hermes or Chanel or Louis Vuitton (there aren’t any shortages of high-end luxury products in Singapore).

The rest of us… well, we’re not so lucky. But when we did go to Singapore and bring home our shopping bags from Singapore, we would be considered “cool.”

Those times are gone now. Major cities in Indonesia have tons of malls with many brands now. But somehow, Singapore’s malls still hold an attraction that we just can’t ignore. Maybe it’s the feeling of going from one mall to the next without ever having to go outside (because the outdoors is so passé, right?). Maybe it’s the abundance of great food…

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Sometimes Mommy needs a cocktail….

I’d like to share with you one of my favorite drinks, The Bramble.

The recipe is very simple. The result is a fruity, slightly tart drink with a smooth finish.

The Bramble.

2 parts gin. (I prefer Hendrick’s)

1 part lemon juice

1/2 part simple syrup. (I bought this for convenience, but it’s easy to make)

1/2 part Créme de Mûre (blackberry liqueur) 

Combine in a shaker and pour over ice. 



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