Sometimes Mommy needs a cocktail….

I’d like to share with you one of my favorite drinks, The Bramble.

The recipe is very simple. The result is a fruity, slightly tart drink with a smooth finish.

The Bramble.

2 parts gin. (I prefer Hendrick’s)

1 part lemon juice

1/2 part simple syrup. (I bought this for convenience, but it’s easy to make)

1/2 part Créme de Mûre (blackberry liqueur) 

Combine in a shaker and pour over ice. 



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New OmniPod Cases – Update.

The Girl with the Portable Pancreas

Not too long ago, I posted about new meter bags coming out specifically for the OmniPod PDM’s from Sugar Medical Supply.  Well I received mine in the mail on Friday so wanted to share with you.

Overall the size is very comparable to the original bags from Sugar.  They are a tad bit wider and a tad bit shorter.  Here is a picture to compare (the new OmniPod bag is on the left)

The inside is very similar as well, this time with a bit more room to fit both the PDM and a pod.  The clear strap that holds a meter is sized specifically for the larger PDM.  It is still adjusted by velcro which allows for more flexibility.  I use a skin for my PDM and had to try a little harder to get the strap to fit with the skin on.  But it does fit.

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Take the Travel Insurance

A favorite line of mine from The Godfather… “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.”

Well here’s my advice….

“Leave the uncertainty. Take the travel insurance.”

Now, I’m not a person who buys every extended warranty that I’m offered by any stretch of the imagination. I accept that stuff breaks. And if it breaks within the first 6 months, I’m bringing it back to you- and raising dignified hell about it until I’m satisfied. But I digress….

When my mother-in-law was alive, and my husband and I would travel, I ALWAYS bought travel insurance. My MIL would get very ill from time to time, and I always had a “vacation escape plan” for if we needed to interrupt (or even cancel) our vacay, and high tail it back home. 

And yes, anything can happen at anyone at anytime, but if someone has health challenges, the odds are that they could have a downturn…

We lost Nana in 2014, and after that point, I stopped buying travel insurance. Foolishly, I had tied out need for it to her situation and didn’t consider other calamities that could befall even the best laid travel plans. 

Until it happened….

We were looking forward to a trip to Mexico to celebrate a friend’s wedding. Through a series of unfortunate events, the wedding was cancelled….

This time, I didn’t purchase travel insurance…

Travel insurance provides coverage for various issues such as trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, lost or damaged luggage, and even medical evacuation. 

Find your travel insurance
Most booking sites, for example, Travelocity and Expedia, will even offer it. But when I booked our trip, I declined it…

And sooooooo, I lost the deposit at our resort, and was charged a cancellation fee for each ticket with Delta Airlines.

Salt level: 

So, learn from my gaffe and save yourself the crying of real salty tears…. 

“Leave the uncertainty. Take the travel insurance.”
Best travels,

Dr. Peaches and Miss Pickles

See Something, Say Something

My whole heart is heavy. I’m treating this beautiful young sister in here for a “fall.” That’s what she told them in triage and they ran with it. 
I look at her, her lip is busted, several abrasions on her face, swollen black eye, bleeding from her ear, and she can’t really open her mouth.
So I asked her what happened. 

They were fighting and he pushed her down the stairs. He said he was sorry….
She hadn’t called the police and didn’t want to call them. 

She says she is safe at home, but moments later asking for info on a shelter. 
Her jaw is broken in 2 places and several teeth are also broken, in addition to the bruises and cuts to her face…..
So sad that she’s not in a place(mentally, spiritually) to receive help. 

Review of her chart revealed lots of “falls” and injuries in he past few years.

“Luckily” for her, she has to have the jaw surgically repaired, so she will atleast be in the hospital for the next few days… I’m so glad I didn’t have to discharge this young lady…
This is happening all over this country right now. 

Perhaps to you or to someone you know. 
Please like and share this. Not for me, but for her…All of the “hers” who are living this nightmare.
If you or someone you know needs help, here’s some info. 

800-799-SAFE (7233)



Self Care. Step 1: Awareness


We all have heard of burnout.Physician burnout, caregiver burnout… Anyone can feel the effects of burnout, but how many of us recognize the warning signs? I discussed awareness of burnout on my Periscope broadcast ( which will be available for rebroadcast on Periscope and is also available on the blog’s Facebook page). Here are a few helpful schematics that I found on the web! 


Join us next week on Periscope (@peachsandpckls) as we tackle this issue and hopefully find solutions! 
Have a great week! 

❤️Dr. Peaches 

Traveling Solo

I’ve travelled to many wonderful cities since I gave in to my wanderlust, and have loved nearly every place that I’ve visited. But, when I recall my solo trip to Germany  and Italy, I will always say that it was my best vacation ever. EVER!

I had never travelled solo for vacation before. I’d travelled many times for work and conferences ( work/school related), but more often than not, I’d always see someone who I knew or strike up a friendship with someone also attending the conference.

But this time, I was all alone.

My itinerary was set for 2 weeks. I  left Atlanta and landed in Munich. From there, I visited with family in Germany for a week. After that week, I kissed them goodbye and boarded the train for Italy. Destination: Venice. Party of one.

No, I didn’t know anyone there.

No, I didn’t ( and still don’t) speak Italian.


The train ride through southern Germany and through Austria was picture postcard magic. Just beautiful. Being alone, forced me to look out the window and see the world as it whizzed by. Just before the train arrived in Venice ( Italy), the sea salt air beckoned me to lean out the window and take it all in. I got a taxi to the hotel from the train station and settled into my room overlooking the Grand Canal. Bella!!! Soon, my wander got the best of me and I had to hit the pavement! I love cities that are easy to navigate on foot, and Venice is definitely a walking city ( no cars are allowed). There are seemingly endless mazes of sidewalks and bridges, and it’s nearly impossible to take a boring photo there.  I walked for hours, well past sundown and found the city more alluring by moonlight. After my first few hours of solitude, I began to settle in. Even at night, I felt safer than I have ever felt in the USA. Of course, I used common sense, (and recommend that you do as well); no visiting dark alleys, no rides with strangers, etc. I checked in with home daily and alerted them of my daily itinerary. After a few days in Venice, and learning a few phrases ( Ciao!), I moved on to the next stop, Milan. After Milan, I spent the last days of my solo sojourn in Rome, the Eternal City, and my adopted second home.

So why was this vacation my best EVER?? For the most part of that vacation, I was footloose and fancy free. No rules. No guidelines. No expectations…And I loved every minute of it!! I danced to my own rhythm. I got up when I wanted. I went where I wanted and stayed and as long as I chose. I changed my plans on the fly- and no one objected. I ate when and where I wanted. I lingered  at tables over a bottle of wine and watched the world go by. I did exactly what I wanted to do, precisely when I intended.

I discovered a love of Italy, and consider it my European home. But most importantly, I learned how to enjoy being in my own company. That being alone does not equate to being lonely. I got out of my comfort zone and talked to strangers. I tried new things. And in the end, experienced Italy in a way that probably wouldn’t have been possible in someone else’s presence.

Now that I am a wife and mother, being away from them for 2 weeks would be nearly impossible for many reasons. But I will always hold this trip with special fondness. I recommend that,  if possible, take a solo vacation. You’ll be enriched for many years afterwards!

Some tips for traveling solo….

  1. Give a family member ( or someone else that you trust) a COLOR copy of your passport photo page and driver’s license in case of emergency.
  2. Give a copy of your itinerary, including how you will travel. Flight and/or train numbers, time of arrival/departure. Name, address and phone number of all hotels where you will stay and the dates of arrival/departure. Your hotel room number.
  3. Give a copy of your medical history, including illnesses and medications and name/contact info of your treating physician(s).
  4. Location of the embassy in every country you will visit.
  5. Put a color copy of your passport in every piece of your luggage.
  6. Before you take a tour, research it and make sure it is legit.
  7. Take only authorized transportation. Be wary of random people offering transportation at train stations and airports.
  8. Use common sense- be it day or night.

Enjoy your travels and tell us about your solo treks!

~Dr. Peaches & Miss Pickles