New Year’s Eve in Times Square

Visiting Times Square for New Year’s Eve has always been a bucket list trip for me. Every year, I’d watch the ball drop, and wish that I could be at the big party in NYC. So this past January, I booked the trip!

I’ve stayed in Times Square on a trip with Miss Pickles, and loved the DoubleTree Suites hotel. I used my Hilton Honors points to book the room and found an airfare sale. A few short ( read: long) months later, WE’RE HERE!!!






Preparations in Times Square for the coming new year start very early. In the early morning hours, barricades start going up, and street closings start. People start filling up the streets as early as 9 am! Yes, these individuals will stand for several hours in the cold, without access to bathrooms, for hours awaiting the ball drop.


So if you’re planning to venture out, let’s say for lunch as we did, prepare for a trek. The DoubleTree is at the corner of 47th Street and 7th Ave. The Hard Rock Restaurant is at 43rd Street and 7th Ave…so not far. About 0.6 miles actually, and ordinarily a straight shot. But NYE in Times Square is anything but ordinary. We walked down 47th to 6th and then over to 43rd and back to 7th because of the street closings and barricades.  

The restaurants in the surrounding area close early. Many were hosting private parties with views of the activities. For example, Bubba Gump was closing early in order to host a party with a $900 pp ticket fee! (say whaaaaa?) So, if you didn’t make it to the restaurant before about 2 pm, you were out of luck! We ate at Bubba Gump ( because it was open), and as a bonus got great views of Times Square, the preparations, and growing crowds.

       This was the crowd at 1pm….
After we finished, we had hoped to take the same route back to the hotel….NO MA’AM! So, we trekked up 44th Street to 8th Ave., then over to 49th Street. We had to show our hotel room key along with a pass (given by the hotel) in order to get through the barricades. So down 49th Street to Broadway-more barricades, and finally a personal police escort (otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to get anywhere) through more barricades back to our hotel. Whew!


NYC’s police department uses barricades to create “pens” down 7th Ave and surrounding streets. Some rules:

  1. Once you enter a pen area, there is no re-entry. Once you leave, you’re out.
  2. There are no porta-potty’s.
  3. The pens are closed by 11am.
  4. Some larger bags are confiscated at the pen entry and are not returned.

So here are my tips for navigating…

  1. Be aware that some train platforms close earlier than usual on NYE. So your train stop may not be available. And you may not be able to get back to your hotel depending on the time of day ( even with the passes/hotel keys).
  2. BRING PATIENCE. There are about 1 million extra people in TS on NYE. It takes longer to go everywhere
  3. Prepare to walk—alot. On NYE, the streets around TS are closed to car traffic ( except for emergency vehicles) for many blocks.
  4. The train schedule is altered, check the transit website for details.
  5. Keep your ID handy.
  6. Dress for the weather and for walking.
  7. Plan to get out and back to your hotel early. I had hoped we could do an activity before all the festivities started…nope!
  8. Reconsider trekking out with very small children (unless you are prepared to carry them), strollers, wheelchairs, etc. The sidewalks are incredibly congested.

All in all, I’m glad that I got the chance to cross this off my bucket list. It was great hanging out with my family, even though we were pretty much confined to the hotel. The energy in the area was incredible, and seeing the ball drop, and the confetti shower at the stroke of midnight, were definitely unforgettable. But I’ll chose another time for my next trip to NYC!

  That’s not snow…it’s confetti! Lots and lots of confetti.

Happy New Year from Dr. Peaches  & Miss Pickles!!



It’s almost 2016!!!
This year has really flown by!!!

Today I am grateful for time. Of the things that I can claim to possess, it is the thing that I value most. Time is what binds us to one another through shared experiences and fond memories. In 2013 and 2014, I lost people that  I loved dearly, and the anniversaries of these loses causes me to stop and ponder about time. How I want more of it. How I waste it. How much of it is enough?
For those of us who are imprisoned by time, either mentally, or physically, time can draw out like a dull blade through bread. How sad it is to see someone squander the time to learn something new, do something extraordinary, or not to take time for self-reflection, meditation or prayer. Time is the one thing that once it’s gone, can never be remade. We can always make more money and have other possessions. Imagine it… we will never be in this moment ever again. EVER. In all of eternity, it will never again exist. As we move forward in life, we are a little bit older than we were a second ago. And so, going into my new year, I pray that I will always have time, or take time to appreciate time for the magnificent gift that it is, and that I use what time I have in wiser ways.

Falling Forward

Invisible Boundaries

In the pool, there was a line on the floor demarkating where the shallow end stopped and the depths began.  When swimming from the shallow end towards the deep, I would always stop and take a minute before proceeding into the deeper waters. It was my boundary, that for some reason, I could not cross. At this point, I could swim, and was fairly confident that I would not drown. So why couldn’t I cross this insignificant little line? After some time I connected an event from my childhood where I was caught in a rip current and pulled into deeper waters. I couldn’t swim. I couldn’t touch the bottom. I couldn’t see which direction was the safe one. This line in the pool represented the point in which I would be in “open water,” where I couldn’t touch the bottom and just stand up,  and I would have to depend on my fledgling swimming skills to keep me safe and get me to the wall. Once I recognized my “issue,” this line in the pool was no longer a boundary.

So my question is this….

What invisible boundaries are holding you back?

Falling Forward: Facing your fears and winning

Going All In

I am an adult learner. I am learning how to swim. It has been a slow and steady process, and although this is my 4th time “learning,” I’m confident that this time the lessons will stick. While I’m impressed with my abilities and new confidence in the water, I’m more in awe of the things I’ve learned about myself and how it applies to my life. 
At the first lesson, I refused to put my face in the water. “You’re not a fish- you can’t breathe under the water,” my inner voice said. But without fully immersing my face, I’d never become the swimmer I wanted to be. So the question I posed to myself was simple… Do you want to be a swimmer, or do you want to just keep your head above water and be limited to the shallow end of the pool? 

Limitations. Hate those. 

In life, are you just keeping your head above water? In your marriage, as a parent, at your job? Or could it be that if you went all in, face and all, would you be a better version of yourself? Could you be? 

The lesson: 

Immerse yourself and be fully present. 

Staycation: Italy in Atlanta

Trying different foods when traveling is a big part of an enjoyable trip. Can’t go international? No problem! 

You can have a culinary world trip in your city! Our first stop in Atlanta? Italy, of course!!! 

One of the best things I ate in Italy was gelato. When I visit Paolo’s, located in the Highlands area, I am transported to one of the  best gelato shops that can be found outside of Florence, Rome or Milan.

Can’t make it to Paolo’s? Try finding an authentic Italian restaurant or desert shop near you! 

Buon Appetito!    
Next stop…. Thailand! 

Disney World as told by Miss Pickles

I’m proud and honored to introduce a new segment to Peaches & Pickles; The Pickles Perspective. Miss Pickles composed the following post, and I happily act as her scribe. This is about her adventure during the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party.

I would like to tell you about Disney’s Magic Kingdom. There are lots of things to do and ride. At the beginning (of the party) there is a show that you and your children can see. If you really like rides, go to Tomorrowland. Space Mountain is a roller coaster there. If you like mining rides, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is fun. Goofy’s rooler coaster is also fun.  If you like to fly, go on Dumbo, the Flying Elephant, and Aladdin’s Magic Carpet rides. If you like the ocean and mermaids,  you will love Ariel’s Grotto. I love the race cars in Tomorrowland because I get to drive my own racecar! Thanks for listening. 

~Miss Pickles


Walt Disney World 





Walt and Mickey welcome you!


Tips for having a “magical” Disney experience.
Before you go…

Your welcome packet..

Don’t forget your luggage tags that were provided in your welcome package. You can drop your bags off at your departure airport and not worry about them until you get to your resort. These tags will get your luggage delivered directly to your resort. Allow an hour or two for delivery, so anything that you will need right away should go in your carry-on luggage. I always pack our swim gear in my carry-on so we can start to enjoy the pool right away!

Bring your welcome packet with you, as it has coupons for an arcade voucher, souvenirs, discounts on golf excursions and more!

The Magic Band.

I went all Cheshire Cat with mine

I went all Cheshire Cat with mine

Miss Pickles went Minnie

Miss Pickles went Minnie

traditional gray

traditional gray


I went all Cheshire Cat with mine


and of course, Miss Pickles went with her girl, Minnie


The Magic Band is one of my favorite Disney innovations. It’s a bracelet that you wear that is absolutely everything. It’s you key to the room,  scan it for admission to the parks, store your credit card information (securely) for spending so you don’t need to worry about carrying your wallet ( and leaving it, losing it, dropping it, etc.) through a crowded park, and scan it for dining, just to name a few things that you can do! You can personalize these with your names, if you order them ahead of time. The bands come in several colors, and now are even available in your favorite character. Personalize it further with fun add-ons!  You can have them delivered to your home, or pick them up at the desk at the time of check-in.

Download the My Disney Experience app (available for iPhone and Android).

My Disney Experience App Logo

My Disney Experience App Logo

This is one-stop coordination of your time at Disney; dining reservations, tickets for special events (like the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party), FastPass reservations, and maps of the resorts with expected wait times for rides.

About FastPass…

It’s a convenient way to que up for popular rides without standing in long lines. It’s worth it to check the wait times before you choose your passes, so as not to waste them-but generally the more popular rides, particularly the coasters will put the passes to best use. I wouldn’t recommend using them for shows, as the venues are large enough to get a good seat and the lines typically aren’t that long or they move very quickly. You can sign up for three at a time, but remember that you must use all three before you can sign up for any others. FastPasses go, well…fast. So don’t delay in signing up!

The Disney Magical Express shuttle… Will take about 30-45 minutes to shuttle you to your resort from the airport. No muss, no fuss. Just riding into your wonderful time at Disney! But before you go, notify Disney of your intentions to use the shuttle. Remember that your tickets to use the shuttle can be loaded onto your magic bands and will also be printed in your welcome packet booklet. It’s also a good idea to inform them of your flight arrangements as well.

With these tips, you’re on your way!


❤️ P&P